Still Eating

For this first of 2014 sixteen “side by side” blogs food has pushed to the fore. After ringing in the new year sharing flavorful food and drink with family and friends I find myself fighting off surreptitious stomach pains scouting for a route to take hold and blossom into a full fledged invasion. Thankfully my initial experimentation with vegetarianism three years ago has lengthened into two full years of practice in subsisting without meat, fowl, or fish in my table fare, except for the rare occasion. I’m hopeful that this minimization of multiple bacterial microbes might head off this season’s most unfavorable flu symptoms. Like so many others food has commandeered my focus far more this year for several reasons. Having been unexpectedly unemployed these same last three years has placed me in the same group as all who are now having to learn how to survive on “stone soup”. Soups were never tops on my list of fave foods but perhaps it is a natural transition to enjoy them more in the later years of life. Becoming more creative with less is never a bad thing, nor is reincorporating sporadic fasting into my eating schedule. It has proved to be both light on the pocketbook and heavy on the health benefits. Whether by necessity, choice, or intentional “out with the old, in with the new” resolution my eating preferences have definitely been heading towards lightening the load. So if the way to a man’s heart is through his gut I can only hope there is one who’ll take it light and breezy, unless he’s already a vegetarian chef with a working internship to offer me.¬† ūüôā


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Preparing for My Soulmate

1/4/14 seems an auspicious date to revisit/repost these. guess I’ve got four days to do a new “side by side” offering ….totally apropos since I evidently am relegated to being my own best friend ūüėČ Wish ME luck !!! ūüôā

Finding My Soulmate

For 20 years now I have happily trod the path of life solo -sans partner- albeit in the company of my sons for the first of these last two decades. A decade into my true solitude now I find there is too much beauty to be shared, and cultivating it begs more than one set of hands. Like the lesson learned in ‚ÄúInto the Wild‚ÄĚ even the ecstatic experience can fall flat when not shared. On the flipside, I‚Äôm well aware of the ability for shared experience to suffer from ‚Äúpunctured balloon‚ÄĚ syndrome, so to improve my chances that the arrival of my ‚Äúother half‚ÄĚwill be an inspirational encounter I have created a simple plan prompted by an article I read¬†¬†in 2010 about a study which suggested that there are 16 core values that can make or break a relationship. I like the number 16, a good solid count :‚Ķ

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Thanksgiving Address

This holiday address goes out in gratitude to all the folks I’ve been lucky enough to meet on the job these last three months. It’s been a wild ride with the simultaneous election antics and more than a few doors have been opened in my mind by all that’s been shared. Our presidential election four years ago brought hope to many for a new chance to shatter walls of segregation and come together in unified strength. What has begun to dawn on me is how our “must haves” seem to be the final bricks in the walls that separate us. Just as certain limitations in my skills and abilities have made it obvious of late that someone else would be better suited for my workplace position, any experience which spotlights limitations is like a red flag to the initiation of segregation because it signals “must haves” at the starting line. With our Thanksgiving gratitude for what we already have comes heightened awareness of what we don’t and what we believe to be¬†those pared down essential “must haves.” Whether it is white skin, Christian grace, “good work ethic”, or even just “pet friendly attitude” or “Microsoft Word experience” the real criminality is in our insistence on these preexisting qualifications. Our desire for instant fulfillment of these “fast food” cravings is what shatters our global family table gathering. It is not the education, knowledge, product, or even “good deed” itself that enriches us, it’s the process of working together to teach, heal, and enlighten one another along the way. For this Thanksgiving my prayers for all will turn towards discovering our deeper, more subtle paths to desegregation and asking what do you think will help change your world ??? Show me your chosen dance steps and the journey will BE the destination…LOVE…



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Soulmate/Election Week

On this election day with Mercury going retrograde following a Full Moon auspiciously aligned with several planets and asteroids in my own natal chart’s houses of career, communications, and marriage/partnership, I couldn’t help but make a correlation between our presidential race and my own soulmate hunt. Our individual quests for “what ails us” or “the pots of gold” at the end of our personal and global rainbows and our strength as a nation are bound to be measured in some part by the extent of our successes. Aside from widening our general selection process of “Commander in Chief “to a third party field some parameters hold constant. Whether President, Doctor, or life partner the first step for a candidate of shared responsibility is always to ask us what we need and then listen to our concerns, confusions and present difficulties. The next step involves working together to come up with a correct diagnosis of the dis-ease at hand. Nothing is more unproductive and wasteful of precious time and resources than a leader who prescribes dictatorially and dispenses with a signed, sealed and delivered RX. Such diagnoses seldom hit the mark, are more often rife with side effects and compound problems, or even promote life threatening conditions.Truly peaceful, nonviolent troubleshooting involves cooperatively diagnosing the root of the problem and conducting a search for the appropriate change or cure together. If teamwork is neglected in this final stage we may end up with “medicine”to which we are allergic, too costly for our financial bracket,¬† or perhaps unacceptable to our ethical or spiritual tenets. I can only hope that the leader who emerges tonight is willing to “play together” on a field where we can all create a healthy “family that stays together”. Good night and Good Luck to us all.



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Euterpe, who knows the why of when?

only you… in the silent spaces…

and even then…

you toy with those of us awaiting,

perhaps not ever gracing audience

to any fool enough to shun

the darker shadow shades of dun.

Myself I thought a formal invitation

you’d denied

assuming your arrival to be hand in hand

with rainbow hues and pealing chimes

                                                                                                                                              golden bands and silver linings

or at very least

the lapping rhythms on sand

of wind and water

unbinding, intertwining, unwinding.

I was not want to view laments

as planks that shaped the bow

of barque approaching…

although it came as no surprise

when gentle mourning dove refrain,

it’s plaintive song reproaching me

for holding out ’til brighter fair

announced your heart tune hidden there…

softly rocking mists of mystery

giving way eventually

to the barest perception of humming vibrations

those sweet tiny snippets

of old expectations

suspended above the chorus of sorrows

today’s rushing current

the tide of tomorrow.

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Polyhymnia’s Prologue

One never knows when or why the muses may appear, but although I may have considered her entrance late,¬†(having missed the Lammas dates) Polyhymnia’s long awaited visit was evidently well timed for¬†her to escort in the¬†New Moon of the Lion’s Heart Sun¬†after which she assures me she will don the¬†costume of¬†Blue Moon for her own recurring role. I have no idea the long or short of the saga cycle she waits to share…she offered only this as introduction to her stagemate… ” ’tis a gift to be simple,’ tis a gift to be free, ’tis a gift to come DOWN to where we ought to be”¬† and so she begins :

Lancelot may travel

far and wide

while Arthur sleeps

beneath his feet.

There is no Guinevere


she left one,

the other to meet.

The only cup still left for taking

is full to overflowing

yet waiting for refilling.

A Healing Cup for the Fisher King

may be the last he¬†chooses to “swing”

up to his lips,

so she swings her hips…


Draught of Elixir…liquid of Love.

Waiting only to be drunk;

whereby all three

may pop latched trunk,

restore Round Table

set Arthur’s throne

and the kingdom which he serves

in¬†it’s rightful home.

No healing hoop

swings left to right

but up and down

as Day and Night.

Our¬†princes …

so intent on questing

with horizon in focus

have yet to notice

beneath their feet,

the place of repose 

or sit, lie…and…sweet…

receive her restoration…

pour again their own creations,

welcome¬†Heaven on Earth’s

familial celebration…

of Peace…


Dark and Light…




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A Different Kind of May Day 5/1/12

Calliope : If I sing a song for you

will you come in Clio’s stead ?

If I commit to Mnemosyne will then


 soundless words weave me a web

of silken armor so skin tight soft

that only MY own muse dare seek

the space to slip within my core

and touch and love and rest and sleep ?

If so…then¬†thrice awoken

I shall promise…

both our souls…

to sing in chorus.

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