Thieves of the Heart of “Family of Man”

Closing in on the “Saints” days celebration of mid March always brings me to the pondering of the American practice of everyone becoming “Irish”, and then reminiscing on a long ago dream of a gift given me by a bardic prince: one single gloriously illuminated page of song lyric out of which the sounds of beauty spilled. In honor of that historic tradition I’m sharing this poem…spoken by Clio to Calliope as they await Euterpe’s arrival and delivery of this poet’s Odes to all three.

They are no strangers to loss

this family of blood kin.

Their skin has become white,

scoured pale by relentless waves

of centuries of time and repetition,

unending patterns of deceit, secrets, betrayals

exposed by a parching sun

bleached and frayed

until they could no longer hold fast as

their mooring lines of vivid rainbow colors,

woven from fibers of community

and reverberating with rhythmic tones of tension and release,

celebration and mourning,

let go their last tendrils

launching them weightless

into the free floating space of separation.

Spun ’round by eddies and spirals of unseen undercurrents

they set their sights on sandy shores, muddied embankments, even passing driftwood

for any possibility of re – berth

but contact was always short lived

and too often accompanied by furtive forays of their own mirrored shadows

penetrating hidden hulls with silent seepage

washing away last vestiges of paint and color and treasures

until they have become as thin and empty as the blank rice paper

tossed away by the same artist who left them not even a sumi brush

with which to create a new heart for the family of man.


About dreamingmoon

I, Aurora Dreaming Moon am a Dreamer, Sister, Lover, Mother, Grandmother and sometime Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician...who at the age of 11 made my first conscious choice to seek the path of Truth by throwing a yarrow stick reading for my youthfully petulant demand of : "Tell me the purpose of life now or I'm out of here !" The spirits in all their wisdom and humour responded in kind with the complete changing hexagram : Ch'ien to K'un which I interpreted to mean "...a complete understanding of the universe ". Thus appropriately chastised, though laughingly mollified and defeated in my attempt at an easy way out, I was lovingly set back on this never ending journey we call life. I am still trying to accomplish my assignment :) What you'll find in these blogs are just sharings of some of my most heartfelt experiences along the way. May they be of service to all reader pilgrims who cross this path.
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