Giving Thanks:Bark of Magnolia

If you’ve passed thru all five of the previous ceremonial gateways culminating with Self-Healing thru the Joy of Love and have had the pleasure to integrate each of these initial polarities then you may be inclined to create a daily practice of ceremonial thanks if that is not yet part of your life experience. Choosing a location where you both begin and end your day (like your bedroom or front entrance way) eases the incorporation of daily thanksgiving. I enjoy offering thanks twice daily in order to honor both masculine/morning and feminine/evening aspects. The ally of the Ceremony of Giving Thanks that you will call on now is much larger than our individuality or coupling. The Protection of Love is the Gate Forger of all gateways to be traversed and so I choose to honor this energy close by the Gatekeeper of Transitions, at the threshold of my home. This Divine Protection is simply the grace that allows us to move through whatever obstacles and challenges we face in our daily lives. As a gifting to call this ally home to roost you may want to share your gratitude with someone (or thing) who currently plays a protective role in your daily life or community. Perhaps this is the opportunity to thank a local police officer or fireman, start a neighborhood watch group, or even enroll yourself in a self-defense class. Just as Death assists us in shedding our deepest fears, Giving Thanks melts away lack of faith and brings you to the final doorstep of these seven allies: the Ceremony of Peace.  Be aware: although these offerings have been formatted into a linear/sequential format for these blogs, you may have found the experiences unfolding in a more synchronistic/holographic time dimension. It’s all good 🙂



About dreamingmoon

I, Aurora Dreaming Moon am a Dreamer, Sister, Lover, Mother, Grandmother and sometime Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician...who at the age of 11 made my first conscious choice to seek the path of Truth by throwing a yarrow stick reading for my youthfully petulant demand of : "Tell me the purpose of life now or I'm out of here !" The spirits in all their wisdom and humour responded in kind with the complete changing hexagram : Ch'ien to K'un which I interpreted to mean "...a complete understanding of the universe ". Thus appropriately chastised, though laughingly mollified and defeated in my attempt at an easy way out, I was lovingly set back on this never ending journey we call life. I am still trying to accomplish my assignment :) What you'll find in these blogs are just sharings of some of my most heartfelt experiences along the way. May they be of service to all reader pilgrims who cross this path.
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