Self-Healing:Cedar and Plumes of Down

Did your guardian of the Sound of Love accept your invitation to the Ceremony of Birth? If not did you neglect to offer a gift from your heart ? The arrival of the Sound of Love brings with it the opportunity to meet the Joy of Love just as Surrendering to Love magnetized the Warmth of Love. Don’t forget though, the “Sound” of Love is not always heard. Like the frequencies beyond our ordinary scope, you may have only felt it or seen it (colors have sounds, yes?) or even smelled it! If you have been wondering why these ceremonial instructions seem obtusely vague this is the reason. True mystery is not manufactured artifice but the inherent quality of creation itself and as such is as varied as our individual ways of creating and connecting. This will hold true for your own ally of Self-Healing that you call to now. In fact this ally (and some others) will surely shift and change in time as your needs change, as the needs of the universe change, as the needs of all our relations change. The senses you draw upon for this Ceremony of Self-Healing will dictate how you enact your meeting with the ally who carries the Joy of Love. Perhaps you will trumpet your discovery to the winds thru a conch or ram’s horn, or shake the earth mother’s gourd rattle while dancing upon her, or paint creations colors for all to see, or build a house of love that fills all who enter it with it’s joy. The more room you allow for the Joy of Love to enter the more encompassing your Ceremony of Self-Healing will grow until it fills you with the desire to enact the next Ceremony: Giving Thanks. Meanwhile enjoy your celebration!!


About dreamingmoon

I, Aurora Dreaming Moon am a Dreamer, Sister, Lover, Mother, Grandmother and sometime Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician...who at the age of 11 made my first conscious choice to seek the path of Truth by throwing a yarrow stick reading for my youthfully petulant demand of : "Tell me the purpose of life now or I'm out of here !" The spirits in all their wisdom and humour responded in kind with the complete changing hexagram : Ch'ien to K'un which I interpreted to mean "...a complete understanding of the universe ". Thus appropriately chastised, though laughingly mollified and defeated in my attempt at an easy way out, I was lovingly set back on this never ending journey we call life. I am still trying to accomplish my assignment :) What you'll find in these blogs are just sharings of some of my most heartfelt experiences along the way. May they be of service to all reader pilgrims who cross this path.
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