A Turn in the Road

Life as Native Americans sometimes describe it is a Great Mystery and should/will probably remain as such regardless of attempts to map it out.Last year during a time period in Aug/Sept that I’ve named the Lost Seven Weeks I had hoped to shape a blog from a long dormant assignment to create/share 7 ceremonies. Instead I took a detour and published the 16 initial posts under the Finding My Soulmate theme. I thought I was mapping out some signposts to clarify where I’d been and was heading on that search. Turns out this Great Mystery may actually have been mapping me ! This year with Mercury now retrograde on my ASC at the anniversary of this time span  I found that the magic of these Seven Ceremonies  had been working me behind my own back when they unceremoniously temporarily slammed the door shut on my Soulmate Search so that I could attend to them ! (I hear the voice of a dear teacher laughing “…you can always choose to sit the dance out, but if so it will probably still dance you !”) Now I find that they have just as mischievously spun me back around (with the Mercurial Trickster’s reemergence to my ASC house and direct turn towards its next post-equinox Libran destination) facing me once again towards my soulmate search door. As I finish bowing to their desires and complete the sharing of their  ceremonies with you by way of the following 7 weekly blog descriptions/7 gifts which opened doors to initial meetings with them I can only trust that perhaps my trail blazing will ease the way for your own search and meetings with these allies. At the very least may it bring all those on the Paths of Heart closer to whomever/whatever are your own personal spirit guides. In Love. 🙂




About dreamingmoon

I, Aurora Dreaming Moon am a Dreamer, Sister, Lover, Mother, Grandmother and sometime Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician...who at the age of 11 made my first conscious choice to seek the path of Truth by throwing a yarrow stick reading for my youthfully petulant demand of : "Tell me the purpose of life now or I'm out of here !" The spirits in all their wisdom and humour responded in kind with the complete changing hexagram : Ch'ien to K'un which I interpreted to mean "...a complete understanding of the universe ". Thus appropriately chastised, though laughingly mollified and defeated in my attempt at an easy way out, I was lovingly set back on this never ending journey we call life. I am still trying to accomplish my assignment :) What you'll find in these blogs are just sharings of some of my most heartfelt experiences along the way. May they be of service to all reader pilgrims who cross this path.
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