I would assume that the measure of each individual’s personally desired success determines the extent and parameters of Tranquility within any couple’s partnership. Tranquility as purely peaceful beingness can be interpreted in as many different ways as there are ways of being. Constant activity, social networking and engagement may be one person’s peaceful heaven and another’s chaotic, intrusive hell. Tranquility may be seen as boredom or even death to some. Acceptance (which I covered as the ninth blog theme) may be considered a path to tranquility on one hand while on the other an unacceptable retreat from forced change. When I meet someone who is content within themself without needing to mold others into a similar form I see them as having integrated some piece of tranquility. Defining tranquility can be as elusive as achieving it. Tranquility may travel incognito which is one reason I’m in no rush to publicize these blogs. In due time I will decide how to format and distribute on WordPress, but for now my initial goal is complete with this post. I have tossed my pebble in the river. Tranquility, like the river of life, can be observed, walked beside, jumped into or out of, set in motion, embarked on or dissolved into, even navigated or obstructed. I like to think that the ripples of these posts will do their own work and eventually find their way to a kindred soul ready to connect in a similar manner. For this reason it only made sense to save Tranquility for this 16th and final theme of my blog series Finding My Soulmate. Now on to other adventures. To like hearted travelers along the way may Peace and Tranquility be with you all, whether or not your ripples bounce back to meet mine.


About dreamingmoon

I, Aurora Dreaming Moon am a Dreamer, Sister, Lover, Mother, Grandmother and sometime Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician...who at the age of 11 made my first conscious choice to seek the path of Truth by throwing a yarrow stick reading for my youthfully petulant demand of : "Tell me the purpose of life now or I'm out of here !" The spirits in all their wisdom and humour responded in kind with the complete changing hexagram : Ch'ien to K'un which I interpreted to mean "...a complete understanding of the universe ". Thus appropriately chastised, though laughingly mollified and defeated in my attempt at an easy way out, I was lovingly set back on this never ending journey we call life. I am still trying to accomplish my assignment :) What you'll find in these blogs are just sharings of some of my most heartfelt experiences along the way. May they be of service to all reader pilgrims who cross this path.
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